Surviving the ninth plague

I have no doubt that when god was talking about the ninth plague and the “darkness that could be felt”, he did mean Khamsin (Exodus 10:21-29). Last week we’ve been experiencing this ninth plague quite frequently. Khamsin is an arabian word, which means “50″ – it’s a sandstorm, which happens 50 days a year. On a day of khamsin it’s not recommended to go outside, unless you want to fill your lungs with dust. After khamsin, here in Israel, some people go seek psychiatric help because they can’t handle how the surroundings look like. When i experienced Khamsin for the first time, i was a bit scared myself. But it’s more cool than scary, everything looks different and you feel like you’re on Mars – not only the sky but the air itself is red or yellow, everything has kind of a monochromatic look, the air stands still and, as they say in russian -”one can hang an axe in the air”. There’s no air to breathe, it feels sticky/liquid and not very pleasant, to say the least.The wind gusts are unbelievable and you think that you might take off with the wind yourself, the dust goes into your eyes, nose and ears.  I saw some cats in flight. Also, khamsin is being accompanied by pretty extreme heat most of the time – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of winter, the temperatures jump up to 30 or more degrees Celsius. This time i took some photos and here’s how everything looked like. The photos are not photoshopped at all, and this is the authentic color of the air :yes:khamsinkhamsinkhamsin

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Bob said,

3-14-2009 at 20:27:59     

Wow, very cool and scary at the same time shots, very interesting.

Bob´s last blog post..I’m Going To China!!!!

Nikki said,

3-29-2009 at 22:30:51     

Wow, that’s pretty impressive (and scary). I wouldn’t want to walk around in that dressed like a mummy. Crazy!

hanzo said,

4-5-2009 at 19:17:11     

sounds quite nasty…
glad we don’t have these things here in the mountains… but I’d be curious to see one live one day… makes for interesting photos.
reminds me of Forbidden Planet, somehow. :)

hanzo´s last blog post..I feel that things have to change

omega said,

5-2-2009 at 13:18:01     

@Nikki – thanks for your comment! I checked out your blog, it’s nice to meet someone as creative as you, and i like the name of your blog :grin: as you may notice i am a big fan of snails

omega said,

5-2-2009 at 13:20:41     

@hanzo – thank you for the comment as well, i love your portfolio!

omega said,

5-2-2009 at 13:25:44     

@Bob – thank you as well! :greenalien:

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