Puzzles of the day

There are 2 things which are puzzling me at the moment.

First thing:

How can someone who can sing like this -

spend most of his time singing like this-

Underlying facts: this is Jahn Teigen, Norwegian singer. The first video is from the musical based on a story from Malleus Maleficarum“Which Witch”, where he plays the evil executioner. Obviously, he has a great powerful voice and is a good actor. When we see something like this, we don’t want to miss it and try to find out more. We did. And we found the second video and many more like the second one. My question is – why waste your talent on something that people that cannot sing well do? The singers that sing the type of songs from the second video, would not, at least most of them, would not be able to sing something like the executioner’s part in Which Witch. That is one of the reasons they sing cheesy romantic songs for mediocre ladies.

Second thing:

How can this:

be compared to this :

Underlying facts: First one – Jesus Christ Superstar 1973, the greatest musical, second one – Godspell 1973.

- Godspell the musical came out before Jesus Christ Superstar and was obviously influenced by the musical Hair and took the visual and musical ideas from it (hippie musical taking place in NYC) – therefore it’s not original.

- Godspell has no coherent storyline and no deepness to it – they just take pieces from the bible and act them out in a circus fashion. It doesn’t push any boundaries, it’s not challenging and thought-provoking, and it seems that it would go well with the age group 5-8, since there’s lots of clown-like goofy acting, which reminds one camp counselors at a summer camp. The “crucifixion” scene is completely ridiculous.

- It doesn’t take a master singer with a wide vocal range to sing in Godspell

- Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera, which has a 32-piece orchestra and a rock band playing, while Godspell has probably just 5 dudes playing.

Despite all of this, the critics of the time raved over this musical, it was successful and it was mentioned often that it was far superior musical to JCS. In my opinion, comparing these 2 musicals is just like comparing Tom and Jerry to Lord of the Rings. Godspell can not even be mentioned in the same sentence together with JCS. It does have same religious topic, but it’s way too inferior to JCS and comparing these two or putting them side by side as a recommended watch is insulting.

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WebTard said,

9-5-2009 at 22:50:39     

Allow me to apologize first of all, I can imagine the last thing you’d like as a comment is someone asking for advice. Though looking at alot of CSS web designs I have to say your page by far exceeds anyone elses (1000+). Maybe it’s your excentric personality or my personal preference, but good job. Now the part that reqired an apology, I am a novice web designer and I was wondering how you created a layout as such. Such as the positing that automatically archives and moves to the next page, etc. Also is all the content in flash? Your advice will help, though dismisal of my question is expected. Anyways thanks either way. !

WebTard said,

9-9-2009 at 00:29:56     

I ended up figuring it out 10 minutes later, I tend to be late for partys alot, but at least I showed up.

omega said,

11-8-2009 at 19:15:08     

heyhey WebTard, sorry for being tardy with my reply – well, this site is based on WordPress, check it out on Google and drop me a line if you have some more questions. :)

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