My trip to Europe – Malta

I haven’t been writing in my blog for quite a while, because we went on a trip to Europe. So, whoever was desperately waiting for my next post :glasses: – sorry about that.

Malta is a 7000 year old island, which is situated 93 km south of Sicily. Though it’s a small country, it has a very rich historical past. It has been invaded by several cultures – Sicilian, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish, Arabic, French, Spanish and British, hence the variety of styles in Maltese architecture and their peculiar language. Maltese language is considered a Semitic language, however it’s the only Semitic language which uses Roman alphabet.

The climate in Malta is great – when we arrived to Malta from Germany, we were wearing winter clothes, but we had to take them off immediately, since it was very warm and some people were even sunbathing on the roofs of the hotels. I was very happy about that, since i dislike cold weather very, very much. We stayed in Sliema, one of the cities on the coast. The day we arrived, we decided to go for a walk and check out Sliema, but by walking around for about 3 hours we ended up going through 3 cities – Sliema, St.Julians and Gzira. Malta is small :grin: but very beautiful.

Sunset in Sliema

Kinnie – a maltese drink

I like trying new food and drinks. So, one of the first drinks i tried in Malta was Kinnie. Some people may like it, but i thought it was pretty nasty. Kinnie is a non-alcoholic drink, made from bitter oranges and aromatic herbs, and it was too bitter for me. It was invented by Mr.Cisk, who produces Maltese beer.

Gzira – Immortal cat

They sure do have cats in Malta, and plenty. This particular one is obviously a fan of Immortal. And i think, it looks more evil than Abbath.

The next beautiful city we saw was Valletta – the capital of Malta. Valetta has amazing Baroque architecture and is also full of history. The city was found by the French Jean Parisot de la Valette in 1566, who fortified the city to maintain the hold of the Knights of Malta. The city was planned to be a refuge to care for injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Crusades in the 16th century. Most inhabitants of Malta preferred to reside in Valetta, since it was strongly fortified.
Nowadays Valletta is one of the main tourist attractions, with its amazing view of the Grand Harbour, the Barrakka Gardens, cathedrals and various places of entertainment. You can take a ride on a horse carriage around Valletta and feel like you are in the middle ages.

Valletta walls

Lower Barrakka Gardens

Lower Barrakka Gardens offer an amazing view of the Grand Harbour of Valletta.

The Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour of Malta has been used since the Roman times.

Valletta street

Valetta is the “new” capital of Malta. The old one was Mdina. Mdina is truly a medieval town, with narrow streets and amazing architecture. Mdina has been there since 4000 BC, and was fortified by Phoenicians in 700 BC. Mdina is called “The Silent City”, therefore you are not allowed to make noise, especially after the sunset. It is an unforgettable experience to walk in Mdina at night.

Mdina walls and orange trees

Medieval horse ride

The horse may not see what’s around it, but it can still make faces at you.

A fountain

Mdina alley

Mdina walls

You can view almost the entire Malta from Mdina walls, since Mdina is in the centre of the island. Many brave young people go on top of the walls, lay there and relax, enjoying the great view.

Mdina, of course, is full of things to see – there’s chapels, cathedrals, a natural history museum, a benedictine monastery, and Mdina dungeons – the museum of medieval torture. We surely visited it, but that will be a whole new post ;-)

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lien said,

3-18-2008 at 05:42:50     

freakin’ awesome. have you guys visited any other countries? will travel to Europe this year.


G Zoli said,

3-18-2008 at 06:40:12     

Great pictures, interesting post. Always planned to go to Malta. It would be great to read about the maltese food, if they have specialities. :eating:

bachtiar said,

3-22-2008 at 08:19:39     

:metal: great…i dont know that was a lot of great place at europe…im only see europe from television or internet :lol: when you come to indonesia?? we have tropical climmate here..so there is no winter here and warm all over the year :lol: *gzzhhh my english…ough… i should have more practice in my english* by the way thanks for commenting at my blog :D maybe next week i’ll post about my cat :D now im still developping my new template..come visit and give me some reviews…thanks

ninuhadida said,

3-22-2008 at 18:21:47     

glad you enjoyed your visit to Malta :) Thanks for posting about it, and for your comments about the Island.

I’m from Malta btw. :)

Getty72 said,

3-27-2008 at 23:15:41     

Hey :pleased:

How are you? I hope you are well!!!

Oooooooh my goodness!!! You certainly had a wonderful time. Your photographs are absolutely stunning – you have a great eye for taking fantastic shots! I especially like the view looking up valetta street.

I look forward to hearing much more about your trip.

Warm wishes ~ Graham xxx

Boris said,

3-28-2008 at 13:08:18     

looks like an amazing trip omega :happy:
awesome pictures, wow Malta looks like a great relaxing pot. I;m glad you enjoyed it. Oh my! its so funny that cat looks like that. Scary and yet so cute. :giggle:

Bob said,

3-29-2008 at 23:01:16     

Excellent images, thanks for sharing your trip with us, love the Sunset, very cool. :greenalien:
:greenalien: :greenalien: :greenalien: :metal:

omega said,

5-9-2008 at 20:28:24     

thank you guys for all the comments, i replied to all of you in your blogs!

Rebecca a.k.a. Becca said,

10-9-2008 at 17:34:40     

Hi my name is Rebecca Cusens (we are the only cusens family in Malta). I’m sooooooooooo HAPPY YOU LIKED VISITING MALTA COZ I LIVE IN SWIEQI(it’s a place in Malta) Plz come again and visit Swieqi!!! ;-)) It’s very quiet just like Mdina! :yes: BTW MY GRANMOTHER LIVES IN SLIEMA!!!(A GRANMOTHER IN MALTESE IS NANNA) Kinnie is also my favourite drink!!! Hope you reply soon.
Yours truly, Rebecca! SAHHA (That’s bye in maltese lol) :happy: (forgot 2 tell you. we celebrate halloween,Christmas and Easter in MALTA!!!)

kingnin27 said,

7-13-2009 at 23:27:49     

i like your blog on my country but i liked most the immortal cat

ilik95 said,

9-3-2009 at 20:57:13     

Malta seems awesome.Well uh,actually I wanna see thi cat :satan: oooh,my little cute kitty :redsatan:

omega said,

11-8-2009 at 19:16:25     

thanks for the comments guys!

Anne Tessier said,

1-31-2010 at 14:18:13     

Great photos of Malta, glad you enjoyed it here. Although Maltese is the main language, more and more locals are speaking English which happens to be the national language too. Guess it’s the influx of more tourists on a yearly basis is effecting all this.

Malta Vacations said,

2-24-2010 at 06:19:28     

I just stumbled across your blog. Great looking blog you have here :yes:

I’m glad you liked your trip to Malta. Some great photos. I loved the way you described things. I especially liked the comments on the horse and the cat! :lol:

I admit I had not heard of the band Immortal before (Halp!) … to me the cat looked more like a KISS member :lol: Jeez I must be getting old!



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