Last post of this year

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog! :happy:and here’s a “short coverage” of what’s been going on.


We’re in the process of moving to Europe, and for the past couple of months we’ve been working hard packing a 3000 lbs container to ship it over to our destination. I’ve never done so much packing in my life, and now i can say that i am a professional packer :yes: able to produce my own custom made boxes, and my hands are still recovering from the staples, tape and paper cuts. Here’s a photo of one of the last days of packing:

Taking pictures

In between the moving business, i managed to take some photos of the fall in Virginia. This was the first fall i saw since 1999, so it was really exciting for me to remember once again that the trees can be different colors. Here are some photos and you’re welcome to check out my Fall set on flickr.

berriesbirdie in the treebranchbumblebeedry flowersduckplantYay! a groundhogWet leavespond, red and lightRed berries

…and then we escaped the winter and went to Israel, where it’s still pretty warm, and got to go to the Dead sea where i took a couple of photos as well.
Red berriesDead sea Lonely treeSunset

Making music

The long-awaited Encoder album, “Slivers of Time” came out, with my guest vocals on the first track, “When it rains” and 2 more remixes of it by Ethereal Sedition and Liquid Newt. I like Ethereal Sedition remix really a lot and i think they did a great job. I’ve posted the original song here before, so here’s the Ethereal Sedition remix:

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Lord Kaiaphas / Zhyin also made a guest appearance on the upcoming album of an American black metal band, Arcane Asylum. The song is called “Atrocity is Silent”:

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He also has just played a Minimal Criminal live set at Moksha’s Hanuka party last weekend, and got a great reaction from the crowd:


Yeah and on top of all that i’ve been doing lots of work, which you can check out in the updated portfolio of Elune Art.

So, i surely have lots of excuses of not writing much in my blog. I’ll be more organized in 2009 :grin:

Happy New Year to everyone!!!:eating::happy:

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Drum machines and giant dreads

Sometime last week we went to see Samael and Amorphis show. I am not a big fan of Amorphis, but i was really excited to see Samael, since they are one of my favorite bands. Samael started out in 1987 as one of the first black metal bands (before the Norwegian wave), but after 96 they have changed their style to electronic/industrial metal with programmed drums instead of the real ones. Therefore, many “true” black metal dudes stopped liking Samael at that point. I still like Samael though. I think the keyboards are amazing, and they manage to create their own original atmosphere. Besides that, it seems that Samael guys do read some books, because they do not have dumb lyrics – and that’s a big plus.

Samael did a great job at the show, the sound was excellent, the setlist was well-balanced between the old and the new material + at the very end they played my favorite song – “My savior”. I’ve never seen Samael perform before, so i was full of joy and delight :pleased:

VorphVorph and XyMasmiseimAmorphis

As to Amorphis – unfortunately, i have not been following their music career so much, so i was surprised to see the new singer in the band. Apparently, that was the 3rd new guy on vocals, and he had the longest dreads ever. It was pretty dangerous to stand close to the stage, because you could easily get your eye taken out by these dreads when the dude was headbanging. The music was good and they were doing a good job, but it’s just not exactly my taste.

I leave my plethora of readers with another one of my favorite songs of Samael.

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Kaiaphas at Dark Revolution Halloween party 01.01.07

Dj Zhyin and I will do a dj-set at the Dark Revolution Halloween party on 01 November 2007, so, whoever wants to come can buy a ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel, and check out our awesome dj set :redsatan:

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Mayhem, Dennis Osterman, globes and pigeons.

Here’s what we’ve been doing throughout the last couple of weeks:

- Zhyin got interviewed and played a dj set at Kol Ha Kampus 106FM Hafirot radio, Tel Aviv :

- We saw Mayhem play in Yaffo. It was pretty cool, they had Attila on the vocals this time, which is better, imho. Also, i liked that they came up with an interesting look for Attila – first part of the show he was wearing kind of a nazi outfit (which, of course, caused some “wtf” reactions from a number of israelis), the second part of the show he was wearing some kind of a pope/darth maul cloak. They had a globe on the table, surrounded by candles, and Attila was unleashing the evil energy upon the planet earth, until the energy ran out and he just burned it. :eyes:

The only thing is that the show was way too short…





- We chilled at the beach, where i did some amazing pidgeon shooting ( I like pigeons because they have fluffy butts ) and walked around in the city. There are more pix of the beach and the rest at my Flickr.



iron man

- We went to the old part of Tel Aviv – Yaffo, walked around and had some trout at the restaurant :weird:

Yaffo is one of the most ancient port cities in the world – around 4000 years old. It’s very beautiful and its’ streets are named according to the zodiac signs.

- We also checked out the Global View Exhibition at the Rotshild street, where they had all kinds of globe designs, that was really cool, and i took pictures of almost all of them ( took more than an hour i think ). Check out the pix of all the globes i took here.


- And we went to the Dark Revolution party, where Dennis Osterman from In Strict Confidence played a dj set. It was a nice party. We also saw Peter Digital play in Sakaya bar, where Zhyin played previously.

Now we’re back in Arad, where camels are walking everywhere and you get thorns in your body.




new hair

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Words of wisdom
"Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it. Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves." - The Buddha
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