Atlantis was calling…

Yep. We moved to Atlantis. Even if it’s not Atlantis, i like to believe that because it’s mysterious :secret:. So far, we like it here. I’ve had a lot of work as usual, but  i do get some spare time now and then. At the moment we’re working onthe new  Kaiaphas album, i am trying to register my web design company here, still trying to organize everything etc etc.

Malta has huge ancient structures that are now dated as 9000 years old or older and are said by orthodox archaeologists to be the oldest stone ruins in the world. The oldest evidence of man’s presence on the island in Ghar Dalam – the Cave of Darkness, which, besides the evidence of the first human settlement, contained remains of animals and evidence from about 180 000 years ago. Ghar Dalam was discovered in the 30′s by an Italo-German paleontologist.  A long time ago there were dwarf elephants,  deers and hippos, who joyfully ran around this piece of land. During the ice age period, many animals got trapped in that cave, so, when discovered, this cave was like a box of wonders for the historians. When these remains were found, there were theories that the skulls of dwarf elephants were actually the skulls of long forgotten cyclopses – the hole in the middle of the skull was thought to be the 3rd/middle eye socket. The Ghar Dalam museum has an extensive collection of teeth, tusks and bones which were found throughout the times.

Dwarf elephant and dwarf deer skeletons


The cave itself is about 140 meters long, but you can only go as far as 80 m, they won’t let you go further. It has some nice stalactites and stalagmites, and some of them look pretty indecent.

The cave


cave penisectoplasm?cave testicles

cave punani


Ghar Dalam outside


Right. So I’ll leave the readers to their wild imaginations and that will be it for today. I bet my 55 readers ( these are some loyal dudes ) will be very excited about my coming back.

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Surviving the ninth plague

I have no doubt that when god was talking about the ninth plague and the “darkness that could be felt”, he did mean Khamsin (Exodus 10:21-29). Last week we’ve been experiencing this ninth plague quite frequently. Khamsin is an arabian word, which means “50″ – it’s a sandstorm, which happens 50 days a year. On a day of khamsin it’s not recommended to go outside, unless you want to fill your lungs with dust. After khamsin, here in Israel, some people go seek psychiatric help because they can’t handle how the surroundings look like. When i experienced Khamsin for the first time, i was a bit scared myself. But it’s more cool than scary, everything looks different and you feel like you’re on Mars – not only the sky but the air itself is red or yellow, everything has kind of a monochromatic look, the air stands still and, as they say in russian -”one can hang an axe in the air”. There’s no air to breathe, it feels sticky/liquid and not very pleasant, to say the least.The wind gusts are unbelievable and you think that you might take off with the wind yourself, the dust goes into your eyes, nose and ears.  I saw some cats in flight. Also, khamsin is being accompanied by pretty extreme heat most of the time – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of winter, the temperatures jump up to 30 or more degrees Celsius. This time i took some photos and here’s how everything looked like. The photos are not photoshopped at all, and this is the authentic color of the air :yes:khamsinkhamsinkhamsin

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Last post of this year

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog! :happy:and here’s a “short coverage” of what’s been going on.


We’re in the process of moving to Europe, and for the past couple of months we’ve been working hard packing a 3000 lbs container to ship it over to our destination. I’ve never done so much packing in my life, and now i can say that i am a professional packer :yes: able to produce my own custom made boxes, and my hands are still recovering from the staples, tape and paper cuts. Here’s a photo of one of the last days of packing:

Taking pictures

In between the moving business, i managed to take some photos of the fall in Virginia. This was the first fall i saw since 1999, so it was really exciting for me to remember once again that the trees can be different colors. Here are some photos and you’re welcome to check out my Fall set on flickr.

berriesbirdie in the treebranchbumblebeedry flowersduckplantYay! a groundhogWet leavespond, red and lightRed berries

…and then we escaped the winter and went to Israel, where it’s still pretty warm, and got to go to the Dead sea where i took a couple of photos as well.
Red berriesDead sea Lonely treeSunset

Making music

The long-awaited Encoder album, “Slivers of Time” came out, with my guest vocals on the first track, “When it rains” and 2 more remixes of it by Ethereal Sedition and Liquid Newt. I like Ethereal Sedition remix really a lot and i think they did a great job. I’ve posted the original song here before, so here’s the Ethereal Sedition remix:

  • Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Lord Kaiaphas / Zhyin also made a guest appearance on the upcoming album of an American black metal band, Arcane Asylum. The song is called “Atrocity is Silent”:

  • Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

He also has just played a Minimal Criminal live set at Moksha’s Hanuka party last weekend, and got a great reaction from the crowd:


Yeah and on top of all that i’ve been doing lots of work, which you can check out in the updated portfolio of Elune Art.

So, i surely have lots of excuses of not writing much in my blog. I’ll be more organized in 2009 :grin:

Happy New Year to everyone!!!:eating::happy:

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My trip to Europe – Malta

I haven’t been writing in my blog for quite a while, because we went on a trip to Europe. So, whoever was desperately waiting for my next post :glasses: – sorry about that.

Malta is a 7000 year old island, which is situated 93 km south of Sicily. Though it’s a small country, it has a very rich historical past. It has been invaded by several cultures – Sicilian, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish, Arabic, French, Spanish and British, hence the variety of styles in Maltese architecture and their peculiar language. Maltese language is considered a Semitic language, however it’s the only Semitic language which uses Roman alphabet.

The climate in Malta is great – when we arrived to Malta from Germany, we were wearing winter clothes, but we had to take them off immediately, since it was very warm and some people were even sunbathing on the roofs of the hotels. I was very happy about that, since i dislike cold weather very, very much. We stayed in Sliema, one of the cities on the coast. The day we arrived, we decided to go for a walk and check out Sliema, but by walking around for about 3 hours we ended up going through 3 cities – Sliema, St.Julians and Gzira. Malta is small :grin: but very beautiful.

Sunset in Sliema

Kinnie – a maltese drink

I like trying new food and drinks. So, one of the first drinks i tried in Malta was Kinnie. Some people may like it, but i thought it was pretty nasty. Kinnie is a non-alcoholic drink, made from bitter oranges and aromatic herbs, and it was too bitter for me. It was invented by Mr.Cisk, who produces Maltese beer.

Gzira – Immortal cat

They sure do have cats in Malta, and plenty. This particular one is obviously a fan of Immortal. And i think, it looks more evil than Abbath.

The next beautiful city we saw was Valletta – the capital of Malta. Valetta has amazing Baroque architecture and is also full of history. The city was found by the French Jean Parisot de la Valette in 1566, who fortified the city to maintain the hold of the Knights of Malta. The city was planned to be a refuge to care for injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Crusades in the 16th century. Most inhabitants of Malta preferred to reside in Valetta, since it was strongly fortified.
Nowadays Valletta is one of the main tourist attractions, with its amazing view of the Grand Harbour, the Barrakka Gardens, cathedrals and various places of entertainment. You can take a ride on a horse carriage around Valletta and feel like you are in the middle ages.

Valletta walls

Lower Barrakka Gardens

Lower Barrakka Gardens offer an amazing view of the Grand Harbour of Valletta.

The Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour of Malta has been used since the Roman times.

Valletta street

Valetta is the “new” capital of Malta. The old one was Mdina. Mdina is truly a medieval town, with narrow streets and amazing architecture. Mdina has been there since 4000 BC, and was fortified by Phoenicians in 700 BC. Mdina is called “The Silent City”, therefore you are not allowed to make noise, especially after the sunset. It is an unforgettable experience to walk in Mdina at night.

Mdina walls and orange trees

Medieval horse ride

The horse may not see what’s around it, but it can still make faces at you.

A fountain

Mdina alley

Mdina walls

You can view almost the entire Malta from Mdina walls, since Mdina is in the centre of the island. Many brave young people go on top of the walls, lay there and relax, enjoying the great view.

Mdina, of course, is full of things to see – there’s chapels, cathedrals, a natural history museum, a benedictine monastery, and Mdina dungeons – the museum of medieval torture. We surely visited it, but that will be a whole new post ;-)

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