My long (_!_) interview


My interview just came out in Designer in the Spotlight weekly feature of Jacob Cass’ JustCreativeDesign.com

It’s rather long, but for those of you who are ardent fans of my persona, or want to find out the dark secrets of my existence – here’s the link to the interview: Designer in the spotlight – Lady Omega

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Last post of this year

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog! :happy:and here’s a “short coverage” of what’s been going on.


We’re in the process of moving to Europe, and for the past couple of months we’ve been working hard packing a 3000 lbs container to ship it over to our destination. I’ve never done so much packing in my life, and now i can say that i am a professional packer :yes: able to produce my own custom made boxes, and my hands are still recovering from the staples, tape and paper cuts. Here’s a photo of one of the last days of packing:

Taking pictures

In between the moving business, i managed to take some photos of the fall in Virginia. This was the first fall i saw since 1999, so it was really exciting for me to remember once again that the trees can be different colors. Here are some photos and you’re welcome to check out my Fall set on flickr.

berriesbirdie in the treebranchbumblebeedry flowersduckplantYay! a groundhogWet leavespond, red and lightRed berries

…and then we escaped the winter and went to Israel, where it’s still pretty warm, and got to go to the Dead sea where i took a couple of photos as well.
Red berriesDead sea Lonely treeSunset

Making music

The long-awaited Encoder album, “Slivers of Time” came out, with my guest vocals on the first track, “When it rains” and 2 more remixes of it by Ethereal Sedition and Liquid Newt. I like Ethereal Sedition remix really a lot and i think they did a great job. I’ve posted the original song here before, so here’s the Ethereal Sedition remix:

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Lord Kaiaphas / Zhyin also made a guest appearance on the upcoming album of an American black metal band, Arcane Asylum. The song is called “Atrocity is Silent”:

  • Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

He also has just played a Minimal Criminal live set at Moksha’s Hanuka party last weekend, and got a great reaction from the crowd:


Yeah and on top of all that i’ve been doing lots of work, which you can check out in the updated portfolio of Elune Art.

So, i surely have lots of excuses of not writing much in my blog. I’ll be more organized in 2009 :grin:

Happy New Year to everyone!!!:eating::happy:

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Elune Art – new look

We have just redesigned our company site – Eluneart.com. We got rid of the flash details, enhanced the color scheme a bit, and made the site much more user friendly, in my opinion. It took a long time, but i am proud of our work :pleased:. Would be glad to receive feedback on it!
Elune Art

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Artomatic 2008, Washington D.C.

Last week we went to Artomatic art exhibition in Washington D.C. Artomatic is the community-driven , all-volunteer 5-week art exhibition in D.C. , which draws all the local emerging as well as established artists together. Going on since 1999, this year’s Artomatic is featuring works of over 800 visual artists and 200 of musical, dance, theatric, and other performing artists. It’s being held in a 10-floor Capital Plaza I building at 1200 First Street NE.

Each one of the 8 floors is like an art gallery, but the fun thing is that you find different styles of art with almost every step – one space would have modern-style, surrealistic paintings, the other one would have photography, the next one would have junk art, and the next one would have something totally weird you won’t even know what to call it. The other 2 floors have live performances and the bar.

I did 5 floors of art only, and that was more than enough impressions and inspiration. It was great to find out that there are so many young artists in the area, with very interesting ideas and ways of expressing themselves. I took loads of photos and artist’s flyers to check their sites. Here are some of the photos of the art i found the most interesting for me:

Alan DefibaughAliveworldrunnersAnnie LunsfordBi-polarCarolina SethDale HuntJeannette HerreraKaren DerricoKelley DonnellyMara OdetteMartin JenkinsMatt SesowPatrick WilsonSarah PalaszynskiScary paintingScott SpeckTime ago here was an oceanTiny Ghosts

The Peep Show

The Peeps are marshmallow-inspired creatures made by different people for the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. The dioramas display all kinds of iconic images from the present and the past, political situations, well-known movies, and just funny stuff. These are definitely worth noticing.
Dancing with the peepsReservoir peepsThe lion peeps tonightChristmas story peepsThe birdsProject peepwayBeijing 2008AmadeusAbbey roadAmy WinepeepTrojan peepparty peepsThrilla in ManillaPeeplonaKung fu peepsAlien peepsFBI peepsElvis peepSkyscraper peepsla Venus de PeepPope peeprussian orthodox peepspeep 2nightmare peepsegyptian peeparmy peep

If you want to check out more photos i took, visit my Flickr and the Artomatic pool.

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