Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

Not so long ago i saw the movie – Travellers and Magicians, made by Khyentse Norbu (a.k.a. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche), who is a buddhist monk and is officially recognized as the reincarnation of a 19th century Tibetan saint. This was his first movie ever made in Bhutan. It’s a beautiful movie, i liked it very much and would recommend it to everyone. Coincidently, same week, there was a first-ever Bhutanese song and dance performance happening at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. So, naturally, we went. I really enjoyed the show, loved the dances and the singer Kencho Wangdi had an amazing voice. Here’s one of the dances they performed, it’s called the dance of the cremation ground:

Bhutan is a small kingdom in the Himalayan mountains, which is the 8th happiest country in the world, the most isolated and the least developed one. The landscapes of Bhutan are amazing. Bhutan is called Land of the Thunder Dragon or the Land of Medicinal Plants. In an effort to preserve its culture and environment, the government has put limits on tourists visiting Bhutan. Tourists have only been allowed into the country since 1974. Bhutan is also one of the last places on Earth where the Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism) form of Buddhism is practiced. Bhutan’s rich historical past has resulted in cultural traditions which came with unique customs, manners, language, modes of dress, arts, and different types of dances and folk music. Bhutanese masked dances reflect highly complex symbolic understandings of life in a complex universe.
Some day, i hope, i’ll make it to Bhutan :yes:

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Digital Camera zine photo contest – gimmie your votes!

I am participating in Digital Camera magazine photography contest, and here are some photos i have submitted. Check out my photos and please vote for me here. (You have to click on each photo in order to vote for it, and yeah, you have to register :yawn: ) I would really appreciate your votes!!!:))

FlowerAkkoKhan Al OmdanPassage

Glen Echo parkBlue Iguana

Yellow bugWeird insect

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Horrorfind weekend 2008

Last weekend we went to a horror convention in Adelphi, Maryland. The convention featured different movie celebrities, writers, a great horror fair and screenings of indie and non-indie horror movies. I enjoyed the place a lot, though we spent there only a couple of hours and didn’t get to see much, except for a couple of actors and the horror fair. I wish we had more time to check it out.

Here are some photos i took:

A character from Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)


Me and Tony ToddCandyman :).

Now i am not afraid to say “candyman” 5 times in a row.


Some nice freaky dolls:


The werewolf dude:


I loved the Dracula doll! (Creations of Terry Cruikshank)


Regan MacNeil and more puppets (Creations of Terry Cruikshank):


Some more stuff:


Army of Darkness book:

army of darkness

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The most unreadable metal logos – my 13 picks

Since i’ve been rearranging our load of metal mags and fanzines from the past, i came across many deserving-to-be-remembered metal/black metal logos. Though i am not the first one to make a post on the most incomprehensible logos, i browsed through some sites and they don’t have the ones i’ve found :neutral:. So, here you go – the most unreadable metal logos: the list goes from the least complex to the most enigmatic ones:

# 13


Ater - Finnish death/doom metal from 1991. Does not exist anymore, but has some precious photos on the site.

# 12


Darkified- Swedish black/death metal band, which liked Lovecraft a lot. Split up in 1993, later went on to the Edge of Sanity and Marduk. As it says on their myspace – “The little devil in the logo is watching you” (while you’re figuring out what the logo says).

# 11

Bestial Summoning

Bestial Summoning- one of the first black metal bands from Netherlands. The little Satan skull kinda makes it easier for one’s associative mind to guess the words. They have some really precious stuff on their page :).

# 10


Multiplex - Early 90′s death metal pioneers from Japan, kinda like Japanese version of Napalm Death.

# 9


Impiety - Black/death metal from Singapore, still going on, fans of Genghis Khan. This is the first logo of Impiety, now they have a new, more readable but less curly one.

# 8


Baxaxaxa - now that’s a pretty awesome name for a band. This is a German, Bavarian atmospheric black metal band from the early 90s as well. They also have changed their logo to a more readable one.

# 7


Absu - the evil American band from Texas. They call themselves “mythological occult metal”. They have been going on since 91 until now (and i never liked the music ). Here are the 1st 2 logos of the band – they are obviously very creative, and now they have a new one. I couldn’t decide whether i like hairs or branches more, so i put both of the early logos.

# 6


Equimanthorn - Another Texan occult-dark ambient band. Their new logo is a bit less hairy.

# 5

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - a Portuguese band with an awesome, easy-to-remember name and logo, started out as black metal and turned into thrash. No matter how hard i tried, i cannot decipher at least where the first letter “F” is. Illegibility achieved.

# 4

Prosanctus Inferi

Prosanctus Inferi -an American black/thrash band from Ohio. Started out in 2005, so far have 2 demos. I bet they liked botany class in school.

Behold the 3 most awesome ones

# 3

Forgotten Land

Forgotten Land -another band from Ohio. A one-man band, the only member is called Lord Tetrarch. He is truly evil. Here we can see that christmas trees have some serious roots.

# 2


Korgonthurus - Finnish black metal. Look at that! That is just pure art. The band has absolutely no intention whatsoever for anyone to ever be able to read their band name from the logo. Plus they seriously like trees.

# 1 – the ultimate winner

Waking the cadaver

Is that hay, a bird’s nest or camel spit? This logo receives the ultimate illegibility award. No one on this planet could possibly read anything from it. This is the most awesome logo i have ever seen in my life. If i ever feel sad, i’m sure if i look at it i won’t be able to stop myself from laughing. They even had a little flash intro on their myspace before with that stuff flying around ! However, they changed it to a new one. It’s also not so bad, but i just love this one.

And this is…
Waking The Cadaver – A brutal deathcore band from New Jersey. They started out in 2006, and already have almost 3 million plays on MySpace – logo did the magic i guess, cuz the music is :glasses:

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