Off the Beaten Path – a few interesting places to visit

Beer with train

Beer in this modern Czech restaurant serves almost gold jewelry “silver platter”. Only in a kind of Czech design. After ordering a beer depot Vytopna on Wenceslas square in the present tracks, sandwiched between beer tables, the guests quickly train arrives with a pint of your favorite beverage.

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Ach ja oder nicht nicht
Happy Easter!

Lo and behold! Two delightful hours of satanic awesomeness! Lord Kaiaphas and I, Lady Omega, crafted an unprecedented mix of various genres of music featuring the horned one.

We included diverse artists such as: Robert Johnson, the Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, Black Sabbath, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Max Romeo, Screamin Jay Hawkins and many more.

After careful consideration, we decided to exclude the black metal genre due to the obviousness of its’ satanic nature. Furthermore, a black metal mix would be both unamusing and tiring to the wide public’s ear.

The tracklist will only be available by request, since the element of surprise is crucial while listening to this mix.

Happy easter everyone! Whoever will not listen until the end of the mix will be doomed to eternal damnation.

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Atlantis was calling…

Yep. We moved to Atlantis. Even if it’s not Atlantis, i like to believe that because it’s mysterious :secret:. So far, we like it here. I’ve had a lot of work as usual, but  i do get some spare time now and then. At the moment we’re working onthe new  Kaiaphas album, i am trying to register my web design company here, still trying to organize everything etc etc.

Malta has huge ancient structures that are now dated as 9000 years old or older and are said by orthodox archaeologists to be the oldest stone ruins in the world. The oldest evidence of man’s presence on the island in Ghar Dalam – the Cave of Darkness, which, besides the evidence of the first human settlement, contained remains of animals and evidence from about 180 000 years ago. Ghar Dalam was discovered in the 30′s by an Italo-German paleontologist.  A long time ago there were dwarf elephants,  deers and hippos, who joyfully ran around this piece of land. During the ice age period, many animals got trapped in that cave, so, when discovered, this cave was like a box of wonders for the historians. When these remains were found, there were theories that the skulls of dwarf elephants were actually the skulls of long forgotten cyclopses – the hole in the middle of the skull was thought to be the 3rd/middle eye socket. The Ghar Dalam museum has an extensive collection of teeth, tusks and bones which were found throughout the times.

Dwarf elephant and dwarf deer skeletons


The cave itself is about 140 meters long, but you can only go as far as 80 m, they won’t let you go further. It has some nice stalactites and stalagmites, and some of them look pretty indecent.

The cave


cave penisectoplasm?cave testicles

cave punani


Ghar Dalam outside


Right. So I’ll leave the readers to their wild imaginations and that will be it for today. I bet my 55 readers ( these are some loyal dudes ) will be very excited about my coming back.

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Puzzles of the day

There are 2 things which are puzzling me at the moment.

First thing:

How can someone who can sing like this -

spend most of his time singing like this-

Underlying facts: this is Jahn Teigen, Norwegian singer. The first video is from the musical based on a story from Malleus Maleficarum“Which Witch”, where he plays the evil executioner. Obviously, he has a great powerful voice and is a good actor. When we see something like this, we don’t want to miss it and try to find out more. We did. And we found the second video and many more like the second one. My question is – why waste your talent on something that people that cannot sing well do? The singers that sing the type of songs from the second video, would not, at least most of them, would not be able to sing something like the executioner’s part in Which Witch. That is one of the reasons they sing cheesy romantic songs for mediocre ladies.

Second thing:

How can this:

be compared to this :

Underlying facts: First one – Jesus Christ Superstar 1973, the greatest musical, second one – Godspell 1973.

- Godspell the musical came out before Jesus Christ Superstar and was obviously influenced by the musical Hair and took the visual and musical ideas from it (hippie musical taking place in NYC) – therefore it’s not original.

- Godspell has no coherent storyline and no deepness to it – they just take pieces from the bible and act them out in a circus fashion. It doesn’t push any boundaries, it’s not challenging and thought-provoking, and it seems that it would go well with the age group 5-8, since there’s lots of clown-like goofy acting, which reminds one camp counselors at a summer camp. The “crucifixion” scene is completely ridiculous.

- It doesn’t take a master singer with a wide vocal range to sing in Godspell

- Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera, which has a 32-piece orchestra and a rock band playing, while Godspell has probably just 5 dudes playing.

Despite all of this, the critics of the time raved over this musical, it was successful and it was mentioned often that it was far superior musical to JCS. In my opinion, comparing these 2 musicals is just like comparing Tom and Jerry to Lord of the Rings. Godspell can not even be mentioned in the same sentence together with JCS. It does have same religious topic, but it’s way too inferior to JCS and comparing these two or putting them side by side as a recommended watch is insulting.

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